All you need to know about the mockup builders

Get a look and feel of the product even before its creation through Mock-ups. A unique way to generate a visual representation of how your final design will look before actual production.

Most budding stores sell t-shirts without shooting in them with a model or printing some sample pieces. At that time, a mock-up comes into the picture and adds value to a t-shirt store. A mock-up can be the vital difference between a masterpiece and a failed experiment.

We have collected the best online and free mock-up options for you to choose from so you can get the best possible service without getting your mind blown off by the plethora of options on the internet.


Placeit is a paid mock-up service, but it has a great UI and a plethora of mock-up resources to its advantage. You can make a mock-up for t-shirts, dresses, coffee mugs, etc., with even features of choosing Asian models, Black models, or even garments only. 

The interface is straightforward. Upload your design, select your mock-up and download the photo.

There is a monthly subscription to place it, so it may not be a good option if your usage is less or a budding artist. However, if your monthly use is between 20+, it can be a good option for you.


Photonic is another option for garment-only mock-ups. It charges a one-time fee for the download of all mock-ups. 

The advantage of Photofic is that it provides all kinds of mock-ups in one -place and can be downloaded in one click, so it makes the job easier and efficient as well.


Prepressotoolkit provides you a garment-only mock-up option with mock-ups for t-shirt, polo-tshirt, caps, hooded sweatshirts, etc.

It can be a good option for you if you want a versatile, no background, garment, only mock-up.

Creative Market

It is a marketplace for creative designs and mock-ups. Here you can find mock-ups for as low as 5 dollars. It has got many essential assets to drop shit clients.

Free Mock Up Resources

Aside from these paid ones, there are also some free mock-up resources that you can try out, some of them being:

1. Mockupworld

2. Mockupfree

4. dailymokcup

5. smartmockup

6. Mockupcloud

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